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Easily accessible, cities like Pesaro (16 km), Fano (15 km), and Urbino (34 km), offer visitors many points of access for a journey back in time. From the remains of the Roman era, the walls and the towers of the Middle Ages, up to the palaces and villas of Renaissance.

  • PESARO - Just 16 km far from BB Casa Cairo, we find the city of Pesaro, known for being the birthplace of the musician and composer Gioacchino Rossini, to whom every year is celebrated a special tribute in the form of festival dedicated to him, the Rossini Opera Festival.
    beach in pesaro
    With its seven kilometers of sandy beaches, both equipped and free, enclosed to the north by San Bartolo, and south by Ardizio, Pesaro can bear the prestigious Blue Flag award, since several years.
    Besides the sea, Pesaro presents a diverse book of things to see and to do.
    The old town boasts a wealth artistic and cultural center of considerable interest with the Civic Museums, the Birthplace of Rossini, the Oliveriana Library, the Cathedral with its mosaics, the Rossini Theatre, the Conservatory, and the so-called "Jewish Journey" that consists to visit the Synagogue and the Cemetery.
    International events are held in Pesaro each year.
    rossini opera festival
    The Rossini Opera Festival in August, brings to the stage the works of Gioacchino Rossini with world-renowned singers and actors, and the Show International Festival of New Cinema, which takes place in late June, attracts an audience of enthusiasts and experts from all over.
    The Nature Park of Monte San Bartolo with his natural cliff faces directly on the Adriatic is reachable both by car or by bicycle, along a wonderful road overview. Inside the park there is also the beautiful villas Renaissance Villa Imperiale, residence in mannerist style, and Villa Caprile, whose famous Italian gardens hide fun water games, very enjoyable for children and adults .
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  • FANO - Still, about 15 km far from BB Casa Cairo we find Fano, town of Romanesque origin, markedly today seaside resort and fishing port among the most important in Adriatic.
    The symbol of the city are the Arch of Augustus, dating back to Roman times, and the walls, that can still be seen in some parts of the city.
    Arch of Augustus
    Must see: the Malatesta Fortress, the Court Malatesta, Piazza XX Settembre (where we find the fountain with the goddess of Fortuna and overlooked by the fourteenth-century Palazzo del Podestą today called Teatro della Fortuna).
    Yet to be reported, nearby Fano you can discover the hermitage Monte Giove. Another strong attraction of Fano is undoubtedly the sea, that with the sandy beach of the Lido and the gravel of the Sassonia, deserves since several years the Blue Flag award Europe.
    The city of Fano also received the award Blue Flag marinas of the merits of the port tourism to the Marina dei Cesari.
    Fano Carnival
    Among the many events that take place in the city report during the winter the Fano Carnival, the oldest in Italy, good looking and sweet to taste, with its floats and the famous "jet" of tons of candy.
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  • URBINO - Just 34 km far from BB Casa Cairo, home to a prestigious University and World Heritage UNESCO, Urbino is also recognized as the capital of the Italian Renaissance. To this period belongs the Palazzo Ducale with its distinctive turrets that surround the rear. It was built by the Duke of Urbino, Federico da Montefeltro, and is one of the most interesting architectural examples of the time.
    Today it houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, which includes pictorial masterpieces such as "La Flagellazione " and the " Madonna di Senigallia " by Piero della Francesca, the " Muta " by Raffaello, the " Profanazione dell'Ostia " by Paolo Uccello and the " Cittą Ideale " by Laurana. Urbino is indeed a city of art and the birthplace of Raffaello, who here was born and spent the first years of his life, learning the art at the workshop of his father Giovanni Santi, who was also a painter. In Raffaello's house you can admire a fresco of the young painter, painted some of his father, along with furniture and environments in which the artist lived.
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