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The first meal of the day is a really special moment. It gives a decided impetus to our daily activities and has to best of our ability to deal with any eventuality in the most effective possible.
Nevertheless, it is a phenomenal metabolic accelerator, a wonderful opportunity to naturally increase the consumption of calories and promote the reduction of excess fats.
In the light of these elements breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast "Casa Cairo" is particularly rich, varied, and with an optimum intake of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat). All raw materials are of the best quality, possibly local origin, and minimally processed to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties. You'll find
orange juice to 100% no added sugar, barley coffee, fresh whole milk (when possible), nuts high in omega 3, fresh local fruit for intake of sugars with low glycemic index, mix cereals and muesli, yogurt, baked goods " homemade ". All that will budge the appetite of even the most recalcitrant.
A breakfast so do not you can lose!

Fresh whole milk


Fresh local fruits

fresh milk nuts fresh fruit

Drinking whole milk, at any age, it is important for the large content of protein and fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A and D.
This vitamin is essential for absorbing calcium, and for women in particular that can take advantage of it in the fight against osteoporosis.

The dried fruit is rich in valuable nutrients to the well-being and for the line. Protein, fiber, vitamins, essential fatty acids omega 3, increase the feeling of satiety and cause you to eat less. Reduces also the risk of cardiovascular disease and various cancers.

The fresh fruit provides a nutrient fundamental such as vitamins, minerals, simple sugars and fibers. In particular, the water contained in the fresh fruit, is microfiltered and specially bioavailable with high moisturizing power.

"Homemade" bakery products

Orange juice 100%

Local Meat and Cheese

bakery products orange juice Local Meats and Cheeses

Production of sweet treats and baked for consumption exclusively family.
Great attention to the quality of the ingredients necessary to preparations and true love in the implementation. The flavor also depends on this!

The richness of vitamin C in orange juice is a powerful weapon of the immune system, the cardiovascular apparatus, and intestine. Thanks to the antioxidant against free radicals, the oranges reduce the incidence of tumor degeneration.

Goodness no boundaries for these products made from food companies in our area.
All the taste and fragrance that you aspects in the safety of a food product to the trade and raw materials km. 0.

Book your holiday at Bed and Breakfast "Casa Cairo"!

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