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Carignano Thermal Waters (6 km)

  • A few minutes drive away from BB Casa Cairo are the Carignano Thermal Waters, situated in the green hills and a short distance from the sea, that offer an healthy and relaxing ambient.
    Recently restored, the spa takes his name from the ancient family of Carignano, the owner of a castle which stood on the hill above, also named by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The waters with multiple beneficial properties, are of various kinds: sulfur, salt, bromine and iodine, bicarbonate-alkaline magnesium.
    At the moment it is in use the water from the spring "Beatrice", of nature-sulfur-bromine and iodine to treat the high and low respiratory tract, and deafness.
    The diseases that can be treated with this water are: vasomotor rhinitis and allergies, chronic sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic bronchial disorders, acute and chronic otitis, through a series of treatments ranging from jet inhalations direct, to nasal irrigation, till the humages and aerosols of various types.
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Raffaello Thermal Waters (Petriano, 24 km)

  • The hot springs are located in the resort of Raffaello, in Petriano, a few minutes from Urbino, immersed in an oasis of relaxation between the green hills of Montefeltro.
    Known since ancient times, here was to refresh the well-known painter Raffaello Sanzio, these thermal waters are rich in mineral salts, such as sulfates and bicarbonates. They are particularly suitable for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract infections and ear, of chronic and degenerative diseases of the osteo-articular and muscular and circulatory apparatus.
    terme di raffaello a petriano
    Numerous treatments include sludge, inhalation treatment, massage, motor rehabilitation.
    Built in 2000, the spa center Raffaello consists of a pool 100 sq m large, with water temperature set at 32 , with waterfalls and jet blade, where you can practice water aerobics, AcquaSoft and swimming.
    Two tanks are connected to the main tank with water at lower different temperatures, used to stimulate and reactivate the circulation in the lower limbs. Besides the pool there is a wellness center, specialized in aesthetics, where experienced and qualified staff will help you to find the perfect psycho-physical form.
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