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Not far from the Bed and Breakfast " Casa Cairo " (only 7 km) is the Beato Sante Sanctuary, whose high bell tower is also visible from this location. Located on a hill 400 meters above sea level and surrounded by a dense forest, the sanctuary is the object of continuous pilgrimages, especially in August when we celebrate the Blessed One. There are not rare circumstances in which the faithful have witnessed a intercession of the Blessed in their favor for problems related to their health.

  • The architectural complex dedicated to the Beato Sante is the Church, the Convent, and Cloister with a austere portal with arches of considerable interest. Inside the church is kept in an urn of wood golden, the body of Beato Sante (Giansante) Brancorsini, which here lived and died 1362-1394.
    giansante brancorsini
    Sun of a noble family, was born in Montefabbri of Colbordolo and took refuge here after killing a man in order to legitimize the defense. He became very pious and religious, and is assigned to different miracles and wonders how tame wolf and bull tamed. The convent seems to have been erected in 1223 when he was still in the life St. Francis himself and was the first founded by the Franciscans in Diocese of Pesaro. Only later, namely in 1423, was dedicated to the Beato Sante.
    beato sante sanctuary
    During the Second World War, the Convent gave shelter to more than three hundred displaced persons, mostly Jews fleeing the Nazis, but the Allies had to bomb the area to eliminate a German station that controlled from here across the valley of the Metaurus, damaging considerably the Church and Convent. Among the many treasures here preserved of great value is the Crucifix (tempera on panel) that above the main altar and is assigned by Serra at school Sienese fifteenth century. From inside the cloister is accessed in the classroom Art Gallery - Museum, which houses masterpieces of culture and backgrounds: from the "Polyptych" by Peter Zanino (1369 - 1406) to the "Madonna of humility" by Andrea di Bartolo, the "Meeting of St. Joachim and St. Anne", painted in the second half of sec. XV. More info about Beato Sante Sanctuary

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