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Nature Nearby

  • Nature lovers will certainly not be disappointed: walking, riding, or biking, you will discover the fauna and flora.
    It happens with relative ease to meet in the vicinity animals such as squirrels, pheasants, porcupines, fallow and roe deer. And even blackbirds, robins, hawks, buzzards, magpies, upupe, owls, and barn owls.
    nature nearby
    A short walk from the BB " Casa Cairo " you'll find the ranch Paddock Paradise, where you can attend the School of western riding, both for adults and children. You can also book quiet walks on horseback with a guide, or just admire these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. 

Natural Parks

  • Gola del Furlo Natural Park (Furlo Gorge): a suggestive natural canyon, formed by the erosion of the river Candigliano. This cuts across the limestone walls of the Mountain Pietralata and Mountain Paganuccio.
    Today became Natural Reserve, the Furlo Gorge is home to many protected species, such as the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the eagle owl, but also wolves, fallow deer and wild boar.
    furlo gorge
    At that time the Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered the construction of a gallery at the narrowest point of the gorge, in order to allow an easier passage to those who passed through on the way Flaminia. They passed many historical figures, including Mussolini, in his travels between Rome and northern Italy.
    He carved his profile on one of the rock walls of Mountain Pietralata.
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  • Frasassi: located in the municipality of Genga (69 km), in province of Ancona, are one of the main attractions of the Marche region. The caves are part of a complex system of underground considered among the greatest in Europe, in the Regional Park Gola della Rossa and Frasassi. Discovered in 1971 and open to the public in 1974, the caves can be visited with a tour that lasts about one hour during which you can admire the different rooms made even more attractive by a wise artificial lighting.
    grotte di frasassi
    The main hall called Ancona Abyss in honor of the city of its discoverers, is so great that it can contain the Cathedral in Milan, then there are the Hall of Candles, where there are numerous stalagmites small and cylindrical in shape, the Hall of the Great Bear, the Hall White, the Hall of Infinity. Inside the caves are also natural sculptures formed over thousands of years as a stratification result of the limestone due to the dripping water. These stalactites and stalagmites have assumed original forms that have stimulated the imagination of the cavers: and so we find the "Giants", the "Big Dipper", the "Sword of Damocles" (the biggest stalactite: long 7,40 mt and with a diameter of 150 cm), the "Obelisk (a stalagmite high 15 mt in the middle of the room), the "Organ Pipes (so called because if you hit them they emit musical sounds), the "Witches Castle".

Theme Parks

  • The Cattolica Aquarius is the largest of the Adriatic, here you can discover the underwater world and see up close examples of sharks bull, hammerhead sharks, penguins, jellyfish, etc..
    Oltremare in Riccione: a park dedicated to nature and to man with routes and educational games for children and adults, but where the real stars are the dolphins with their jumps, splashes and sounds that excite the visitors of all ages.
    Aquafan: the most famous aquapark in Europe with its 3 km of slides and various water games, the big wave pool, the river fast, and then entertainment, shows and major events, as well as an area dedicated to children, all within a green park on the hills of Riccione.

Bicycle path and trekkingcycle

  • In Pesaro you will find a bike path that allows you to reach any point of the city areas through green and really striking. The course, called Bicipolitana, has been developed as a tube, and winds up more than 80 km, with constant updating of routes and adding new ones. The different lines are recognizable in according to color. One of these lines, the only one of its kind, lets you ride your bike from Pesaro to Fano along the whole way of the coast, a few meters from the sea. A bike ride along this stretch, in the early hours of the morning, alone is worth a vacation.
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Ranch Paddock Paradise

  • A great opportunity to experience nature as you never tried yet!
    Over 6 hectares of land available for horses and so many paths in the green hills for those who love ride with western riding and for those who just want to try the pleasure of a horse riding.
    Here necessary assistance and all the calmness of docile animals, never stressed. The horses are always free to move in a pristine environment, have a large box, and is reserved for their great attention by qualified personnel.

Sea and beach

  • The close town of Fano and Pesaro, both Blue Flag certified, are the ideal destination for families and those people seeking relax.
    The sandy beach of Pesaro covers about eight kilometers and is enclosed by the promontories of the Natural Park of San Bartolo and the one of Ardizio.
    At Fano instead the coast is divided into two parts: the sandy Lido and the Sassonia, with its famous beach gravel, unique in its kind, which extends to the mouth of Metauro.


  • All kinds of shops, shopping centers, and local markets in the city of Fano and Pesaro satisfy your desire to purchase.
    In Pesaro every third Sunday of the month there is the "Stradomenica," a day in which the shops in the center and the sea are open throughout the day, and in the morning from 9.00 to 13.00 is held the more classical citizens market. On the same day, in Piazza del Popolo, is served the antiques market.
    shopping a pesaro
    You can also visit museums and monuments in promotional prices, or even for free sometimes.
    In Fano every second Sunday of the month Antiques Fair-Market winds through the streets of downtown and hosts exhibitors of antiques and valuable, but also hobby and various objects.

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