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Located in the hills of Pesaro, 325 meters high above sea level, the castle of Mombaroccio is one of the few medieval ones with walls and doors still in perfect condition. Beautiful landscape, which can be viewed during the walk along the walls, ranging from Rimini to San Marino, to Ancona.
Inside the historic center of Mombaroccio you can visit:

  • the Museum of Civilization, that extends for 321 sqmt beneath the Central Square, located right in the basement of a time used as cellars of the former convent of the Order of Friars Girolomini. Really amazing the originality of of the location, and the wealth the findings makes it one of the few recognized by the Marche Region and that will delight anyone who wants to venture there.
  • the Museum of Sacred Art, located within the Sacristy of the Church of San Marco, collects objects, vestments, and worship, including various wooden artifacts, paintings, all from churches and monasteries in the area.
  • the Embroidery Museum, in the picturesque Torre Civica, hosts an exhibition of fine handmade embroidery in hand by the women of the place, an ancient tradition still popular today, handed down from generation to generation. The first historical references date back to 1400, when it was used the technique of attachment.
  • the Laboratory of Galileo and Guidubaldo: set up in occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of Guidubaldo del Monte in the rooms of the homonymous building, the laboratory offers the visitor a series of reconstructions of some tests and scientific experiments carried out by Guidubaldo with Galileo Galilei.
  • the Garden of Palazzo del Monte: located in the back of the Palazzo del Monte, ancient residence of the noble family of Mombaroccio, has been recently restored. With its 1600 sqmt extends up to the castle wall with a walkway raised, from which you can admire a unparalleled landscape.
  • Churches and Sanctuaries: in addition to the various churches is located in the historical center and in the surrounding districts, including the Parish Church of Saints Vito and Modesto, the Church of San Marco, the Church of St. Susanna Villagrande, the Church of San Giovanni Baptist Montegiano.
    Itself worth a visit to the Beato Sante Sanctuary located in the immediate vicinity, and that is just on this site find a more detailed description.
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GRADARA (20 km)

Few minutes from Pesaro it stands the Rocca of Gradara. With its fortified village is a one of the best preserved medieval structures at national level.
  gradara castle    The outer walls extends for almost 800 meters and the tower, the main tower, rises to 30 meters, so dominating the entire valley. Gradara is also famous for having been the backdrop to legendary and tragic love story between Paolo and Francesca, narrated by Dante in Divine Comedy.

SAN LEO (78 km)

Located at 583 mt above sea level, 32 km from Rimini, on a huge boulder, impassable from every front, showing, on the tip top of the spur, the impregnable Fort, turned into a prison during papal rule. Rocca of San Leo, Cagliostro and his prison cell
Great fame gave this structure the Count of Cagliostro, who died there in 1795, and Felice Orsini (1844). The city also hosted Dante (" Vassi in San Leo ... ") and St. Francis of Assisi, who received the gift of the Monte Verna from Count Orlando of Chiusi in Casentino (1213). 


The entire hilly area close to Pesaro e Fano is dotted with numerous fortified villages.
Addition to our city Mombaroccio, other interesting places to visit are:
Monteciccardo (6 km)
, with the Church of San Sebastiano, built in 1300, and the Convent of the Servite, that now houses the Museum of Modern Art Borderline.
Sant'Angelo in Lizzola (7 km)
, with the center town enclosed by walls on which the square faces the church San Michele Arcangelo and Palazzo Mamiani with its tower.
Novilara (12 km)
, a village which is situated in a dominant position, between the hills that separate the Valley from the leaf of the Metaurus.
Mondavio, Sant'Angelo in Lizzola, Monteciccardo
(6 km)
, that still retains the atmosphere of the ancient Malatesta, with a spectacular view of the coast and the hills surrounding, and which has become an important center of attraction with the manifestation "Candele", for which thousands of tourists move every year from all over Italy.  
Inside the Park San Bartolo are other small towns such as Casteldimezzo (26 km) and Fiorenzuola (24 km), that attracts for its location overlooking sea which offers a unique and spectacular.
In the Valley of Metauro one of the most picturesque castles is undoubtedly Mondavio (29 km), which with its Renaissance fortress dominates the valley.
On the opposite side we find Cartoceto (10 km) also famous for the production of an exceptional olive oil, and Saltara (13 km), with its quaint medieval old town, surrounded by ancient walls.

Book your holiday at Bed and Breakfast "Casa Cairo"!

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